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  Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

I was detected with sacroiliac joint inflammation on both sides during 6 months of my second pregnancy.With tremendous crackling pain , low haemoglobin, severe acidity and after going through a tough caesarean surgery I had almost touched immobility. The medications of mumbais top notch hospitals like Jaslok, kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani and Seven hills could not treat the issue while the doctors surrendered to the situation leaving me hopeless of Improvement or recovery. After being the same for almost two months I fortunately got to know about Dr Sheeba and Ashwini Hospital through the internet. In my first consultation I decided to go for 21 days long treatment at Ashwini hospital as suggested by the doctor. To be honest doctors positivity , proper counselling and confidence towards my case came as a ray of hope in the dark.Boosted with faith and confidence I moved for the treatment from 10th May 2014 at Ashwini hospital.June 8th 2014 was completion of 29 days stay at Ashwini Ayurvedic Hospital and Research centre. Post treatment it was time to come back home however not to be misunderstood to have attained complete recovery. By this time I had 50 to 60 percent recovery . A religious and constant regime of medicines and life style prescribed by the doctor for another 90 days helped me fight the issues in toto. To cut it short from immobility to absolute mobility. I have stepped into a normal life..isnt that a miracle? Miracles do happen if you trust them to happen. Thank you god and my saviour Dr. Sheeba R and team. 

Mrs. Sumana Bose, Mumbai
Diabatic Neuropathy

I wish to thank you & your humble staff for the dedication and honesty towards treating the patients for excellence.

After hopelessly trying all medication & treatments I went to Ashwini Ayurvedic Hospital & was stunned with the results...

Richard Fernandes, Mumbai
Prolapsed Disc & Avascular Necrosis

In past I had lot a back pain due to slip Disc issue found in MRI report (2010). I used to go to orthopedik doctor for sever back pain but that was the temporary solution.

Orthopedik Surgen from Hinduja Hospital suggested me a surgery for slip disk for find resolution & I started the insurance police...

Nitin Mahadik, Mumbai
आश्विनी आयुव्रेदिक हॉस्पिटल मध्ये माझ्या आईची ट्रीटमेंट खूप समाधानकारक करण्यात आली. सर्व स्टाफने व डॉक्टररांनी खूपच चांगल्याप्रकारे सेवा व सहकार्य केले . तिला चालता काय उभे राहण्याची क्षमता एकमिनिट सुद्धा नव्हती. परंतू ४० दिवसाच्या ट्रीटमेंट ने आज ती थोडी उभी राहू शकली व चार पाच पाऊले दोघांच्या खाद्यावर हात ठेवून चालु शकली . खरोखरच आम्ही आपल्या सर्वांचे खूप खूप आभारी आहोत .

Ranjana Nair, Mumbai

Thank you for treating me so nicely & taking care of me, it was a pleasure to meet you all speacially Binu bhaiya i will follow the instructions to get better. I will always keep in touch as a friend.

Daniyaal Ahmed, Mumbai
Sacroiliac joint

After a long stay of 29 days finally the has arrived to bid good bye to Ashwini Hospital & Rescarch Centre. Althays the depature is becoming difficult because of the emotional connect which has developed all this while.

Sumana Ranjan, Mumbai
Slip Disc

Thanks you for your treatment program, Follow-up & taking care & being close to all issue during my 21 days treatment for my Back Pain spinal Column.

Ipromise to follow your instruction to get curing within the planned period of time.

Hussain Al-Bazroon, Saudi Arabia
I had been suffering from acute sciatica for about a month popping pain killers and trying as best as I could to lead a normal life (albeit unsuccessfully) ...
Sanjukta - Thane
Hospital was known to me as I came with my mother in law for her slip - disc and all the orthopardic doctors advised for an operation, she came here struggling to walk and gone from here happily....
Vinod Nair - Thane
I feel very good after the treatment. I never thought that I can go home walking. I dont have any words to express my gratitude towards the doctor as well as the two girls.....
Ambika Nair - Thane
Years together I have been suffering from various ailments. Off late my cervical and lumbar problem gave me a terrible time, the pain was very severe.....
Shaheen - Powai
मी माझा पाठीचा कणा आणि मानेचा त्रास यासाठी तुमच्या अश्विनी आयुर्वेदिक हॉस्पीटलमध्ये ऍडमीट झालो. सुरुवातीच्या काळात थोडा चढ उतार असा फरक जाणवला परंतु डॉक्टरांच्या वेळोवेळी सल्यानुसार......
चंद्रकांत राऊळ - बोरिवली
The experience I have always felt is beyond words to express. Have been with you for 8 years & the personal touch & treatment gets better by the day.....
Catherine - Mumbai
The team along with the doctor has treated for my psoriasis. I have felt good & immense improvement after undergoing the treatment....
Murlidharan - Pune
मी आपल्या दवाखान्यात माझ्या २ गुड्घेच्या उपचारासाठी ऍडमीट झाले.आपल्या दवाखान्यातील कर्मचारी यांनी माझी सेवा खुप छान व घरगुती वातावरणात झाली आनंदी व प्रसन्नता यामुळे......  
I remember that I was under your treatment for 14 Days In August 1993, for my Frozen Shoulder and I was cured completly..........
Rajan Palliyan
Thank you very much for the amazing treatment experience. you have helped guide us to a healthier and pain free living with your many massage and oil treatments.....
Uma & Srishti Pillutta - USA
I appreciate and admire the way I was taken care of for a long period of 21 days. In fact I like it more because all your patients a treated similarly. I am quite happy about the treatment......
Rajivlochan Sharma - Mumbai
I am here to express my feelings the way and manner we were received in this hospital the first day we stepped in - 11 - shows me that something better will come out of it.........
Betty Ibeagwa - Lagos, Nigeria
It is always frightering and upsetting to come into the Hospital, however the care, concern love my husbend receive helped to diminish as many of our worries.......
Khatija S Merchant - Mumbai
I was scared about this treatment but was also wanted to be fit and good looking girl. So I decided go ahead with the 21 days treatment....
Priyanka Mhatre - Mumbai
After talking to you I realised the seriousness of my pain & how important it is to get the right treatment at right time which was very confusing in my case, whether to go for allopathic or ayurvedic......
Shisham Jain - Mumbai
I have only one word to describe this place. This is a "Temple" and people treating here along with you kind presence are like messengers of Almighty .....
Parwathi krishnan - Mumbai
Thanks for the Excellent treatment and care given by the staff and yourself. Its really nice strategy told by you that ' Thinking positive makes things positive'.....
Reshma - Mumbai
मी आपल्या दवाखान्यात माझ्या २ गुड्घेच्या उपचारासाठी ऍडमीट झाले.आपल्या दवाखान्यातील कर्मचारी यांनी माझी सेवा खुप छान व घरगुती वातावरणात झाली आनंदी व प्रसन्नता यामुळे......  
 Highly recommended treatment! I did a three week course (in-house) and the result has been wonderful.

Most important: the staffs are really good, very pleasant and always smiling.
Thank you, I will be back

Ms. Karen Rachi
 I would like to appreciate the good works and all the efforts taken by the staff for all the 21 days of my stay here with them. Their love and care for me was out of way with no words to express.

I had a lot of fear and fright about my treatment before getting hospitalised, but now I am very happy for taking the right decision for coming here for my treatment. The swelling and pain have all been vanished. I feel different now. I pray to god to heal me with this medication.
Sincere thanks to you all. 

Mrs. L. D'Souza, Goa
It is very good of you and your staff that I am able to think and appreciate all your efforts, care and involvement in each patient. May god bless you to render the same care humbly and truthfully.

I do not have words to express my feeling as they might be too less to say.

Mrs. Jagruti Kapadia, Mumbai
I am from Kolkota. I am suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for 10 years. I got some relief from Ayurvedic treatment and grateful to Dr. Sheeba. The Staff is very competent and adjusting. God may bless her for this treatment.

Best of luck to you all.

Mrs. Sumita Talukdar, Kolkota.
I did not think when I came to meet you, that I will get such a good result within 21 days. Thanks to you for giving me such a good treatment

I pray to god that you reach such a good level, that we can proudly say that this is our doctor who had treated and given us a new life.

Your staff are very good. No words to express their sincerity; all the time with a smiling face. I wish and pray to god for all happiness and good health to all.

Mrs. Janaki Ganapathy, Mumbai
I came here with a massive eruption of psoriasis and I was really in a bad condition. But you treated me with full confidence and took the right line of treatment. Now after 14 days of treatment my psoriasis has been brought under control.

I am sure that I am going to be completely alright. The staff members are really angels. I once again thank you and your staff members with reverence May god bless you all.

Mrs. Asha Nandakumar, Mumbai
In a few moments from now, I will have my last meal at Ashwini Hospital. I will see sun shine fall on my face after 21 days. I will walk away from a place that taught me to eat food with less salt live thru a day without sugar. And more important not switch on my blackberry, laptop and phone. I walk away almost 6 pound lighter, 4 inch less around the waist and near zero pain in my knees.

My mom once told me god comes in many forms. I would say this was one of them.

I used to live to eat; now I have learned to eat to live. And more importantly now live to enjoy the other pleasures of life being with it- reading, listening to music, hopefully dancing, and sometimes enjoy just doing nothing.

I walked in to this hospital on 14 Jan 2008. I had met Dr. Sheeba eight months back. Then she had looked me straight in the eyes with her beautiful bedside manner and said Diana I can help you only if you can out a pause to your life for 31 days, and left it at that. I met her again in December 2008, 7 months after our first meeting and I said I am ready. I have oraganised my life that I can be under your care for 31 days. I still have 2 more weeks of leave and have resolved that I will combat my Ostio arthritis in due course. It will take time but I am ready or the life style change. I do not and will never regret this decision.

With Lots of love to all at Ashwini.
Mrs. Diana Dhote, Mumbai
I didn't know ABC of Ayurveda till I came here. The treatment was unique and new to me. I am relieved that I do not have to live on so many pills.

Mrs. Sita Rajmohan
Thank you very much for the wonderful treatment of 21 days. It has rejuvenated me and given me confidence that I can be completely cured.

Mrs. Vinaya D Xavier, Mumbai.
Excellent treatment has been given for my joint pain during my 21 day's stay at this hospital. All my body swelling had gone within 21 days. I am sure, with further treatment my joint pain will vanish forever.

Mrs. Varijakshi Suvarna, Mumbai
It came as a huge shock to me when I learnt that I have a prolapsed disc and have to undergo surgery to fix the problem. It was then that time my mother suggested that I give this Ayurvedic treatment a try.

Well, It's been 21 days since I came here and today is my last day. I know the recovery process is a long one and trust Dr. Sheeba completely when she says that in a couple of months I will be good as new.

I would like to thank the whole staff for ensuring that my stay here was as comfortable as possible.

Mr. Sidharth Dhote, Mumbai